Tools for creating WebVTT subtitles and for reusing existing subtitles

Many tools are available to make and edit HTML5 video and caption/subtitles:

    • Tools for converting existing file formats to  WebVTT files, such as the .srt format, which is popular in the DivX/AVI/Mkv scene. This article reviews 3 of them, but there are many more. Do a quick Web search and you will get plenty of results.
    • Tools for creating subtitles/captions from scratch. Use these to generate a WebVTT file. You can embed the <track> element in your own videos, on your own Web pages, or upload the WebVTT file to YouTube. We recommend Universal Subtitles. It’s a free online tool that is very easy to use. Check the “add subtitles/captions to your video” unit of this course.
    • Enhanced HTML5 video players that use the <video>, <source> and <track> elements under the hood. They also provide many extra features, including support for subtitle/caption formats other than WebVTT (by converting on the fly).
    • JavaScript libraries for converting to the WebVTT format on the fly, such as JS_videosub

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