About JavaScript and HTML5


  • The book I used to learn JavaScript myself: Object Oriented JavaScript by Stoyan Stefanov
  • Mozilla Developper Network has a JS guide too.


First of all, you need to find a way to debug your code and see errors. If your work does not produce any results, you must know why!

For that you will use the dev. tools of your browser. Press F12 in Windows or cmd-alt-i in Mac to open the dev. tools, then go to the console tab: this is where errors will be displayed, or messages of your own (use the console.log(string) JavaScript function in the JavaScript code embedded in your html page). In the console, you will be able to type any JavaScript command.

Let’s look at  this example on JS Bin:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset=utf-8 />
  <title>Web Audio API</title>
   console.log("Some JavaScript code has been executed");
    <h1>JavaScript debugging using the dev tool console</h1>

The simplest way to add JavaScript code in an HTML page, is by using the ... element.

The code in this example is executed sequentially when the page is loaded: JavaScript code is executed before the browser could see the rest of the page (as the is located before the <body>).

The only line of code we have is console.log(“Some JavaScript code has been executed”);

Ok, now, let’s make an error: change console.log() into consollle.log(). Let’s see what happens:

view of the javascript console

And if we run it standalone and use the dev. tool console:

View of the JavaScript console

And if we click on the line number in the right, the dev. tool shows the source code centered on the line that caused the error:

View of the JavaScript console

Without such tools, debugging JavaScript code is impossible. So you need to look at some basic tutorials on how to use the dev. tools of your browsers, since they differ from one another in the way they work – although the principles remain the same.


Some of you may not be used to “asynchronous programming”, “callbacks” etc. We recommend to read this article on WikiPedia and this thread on StackOverflow.


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