The File API

The File API


The objective of this chapter is to provide an overview of the File API.

Before HTML5, file management was limited to multipart forms and to Ajax for sending/requesting files to/from a remote Web server.

Possible actions were limited, both for the developer and the user. However, HTML5 now comes with an API called “File”  that holds features for accessing file metadata (name, size, type) from client-side JavaScript. The API also has methods for reading file contents directly in the browser. This is particularly interesting for displaying preview of images before uploading them, or – and this is much more interesting – for developing Web applications that work with local files without the need for a server. Imagine a multimedia player that accesses (in read-only) your file system, reads your audio and video files, etc., such as the Remo Audio player below (Google Chrome extension written in HTML5), or an application that edits the audio content of local mp3 files, for example, the HYA-WAVE sound editor .




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